Main dish
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12.970 JOD
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one main dish of your choice + soft drink (define your choice in the note box below)

  1. Tenderloin(Grilled tenderloin served with seasonal vegetables & your choice of pepper or mushroom sauce & baked potatoes or herb-French fries)
  2. Chicken lemon (Grilled chicken breast fillets, lemon caper sauce served with spaghetti)
  3. Chicken Bistro(Oven roasted chicken breast with herb dressing, served with seasonal vegetables & herb-roasted potatoes)
  4. Chicken Supreme(Oven baked chicken breast filled with mozzarella cheese & pesto, served with creamy mustard sauce, seasonal vegetables & herb-roasted potatoes)
  5. Salmon Fillet(Oven baked salmon fillet served with couscous, roasted vegetables, pesto & roasted tomato sauce)


define your choice in the note box below